About Austin

Austin Hastings Photo

Outside of Design, I also love to travel, am an avid photographer, musician, and have dabbled in video production. I find the process of exploration and creativity energizing and inspiring.

Photography and Travel

Photography is a deeply satisfying way to communicate and share experiences visually. In San Francisco, I’ve shown in a few galleries, led a photo group called¬†Camera Collective, and found myself on a near-daily basis capturing the beautiful and inspiring scenes I encounter. Some of my favorite photography subjects were far away destinations, the playa of Burning Man, and in recent years, documenting my energetic daughter as she grows (all too quickly).

Some of my favorite travels have been through Thailand, Bali, Peru, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Canada, and the Western United States. (while I’ve loved aspects of all the travels, one stand-out memory: the street food at Thailand’s many night markets!)


Music has always held a central role in my life. With a father who was a DJ, I grew up around radio stations and concerts, my mother sang and played piano. I began singing in elementary school years, picked up the guitar in teen years, in my 20s led a band in the called Cloudsbreak, then did my own solo thing as singer/songwriter. I still play and write every so often for fun, jumping around from vocals, to guitar, bass, and keys. It’s fun and challenging learning how to convey rhythm and melody through different instruments.

A top bucket-list item was to write and record an original album, which I completed under the name Mira Vaux.  I was interested in learning audio production, and getting a feel for what it’s like creating a work of music from the ground up. It was a lot of fun, a lot to learn; you can give it a listen, here:


One of my early dreams as a kid was to direct movies. To this day, I sometimes find the behind the scenes documentary more interesting than the movie itself. I’ve experimented with video production for fun and freelance side work. I love the creative challenge of mapping music and sound to motion and video cuts.

Dust and Light, a Burning Man short

Portrait Album Release Party

Rise Construction Commercial