I create the strategic framing, goals and success measures, and supportive environment, for great work to happen, teams to flourish, and to have fun!

Team Members

I build connections with team members, encouraging open dialog and continuous improvement, seeking to understand their strengths and development areas, and helping them map a vision for their career that elevates their impact.

Kathleen Munnelly

Austin is an inspiring leader who genuinely cares about the happiness and professional growth of his team. He seamlessly balances big-picture strategy with full attention to each of his many direct reports. Austin is a great listener who takes the time to get to know his team members personally and identify where they might need encouragement or training.

Kathleen M, Content Strategist (Instagram)
Wicky Mendoza

You gave design a seat at the table and made sure our voices were heard. You empowered us to make noise and push for the things we believed in, and all of that has really paid off. Thank you for your support, mentorship, and for believing in me. You really pushed me to be the best I can be and I can’t thank you enough.

Wicky M, Sr. Product Designer (Expedia Group)
Adrian Andrade

Thank you for your constant support during my time with you! Letting me run with ideas and breaking down walls helped us push the status quo.

Adrian A, Product Design Lead (Eventbrite)
Justin Marine

Your guidance at Hotwire literally changed the direction of my career, and I’ll always be grateful for that. 

Justin M, Sr. Product Designer (Upwork)
Marco Olson

I appreciate all of your guidance and support during my time at Hotwire, Austin. I learned so much and had the honor of working with an amazing team.

Marco O, Sr. UX Designer (Google)
Myanh Truong

Thank you for having our backs and being a great listener and leader.

Myanh T, Product Designer (Facebook)


I engage cross-functional partners as collaborators in Design, a process that transcends a given team or role, to unify the disparate goals across individuals and teams to achieve the right balance of outcomes to advance the customer and company needs.

Austin, you are incredibly talented and were one of my favorite people to collaborate with at Hotwire.

Jessica V, Director of Brand Marketing (Priceline)

Austin! He’s one of those hiring managers that you LOVE to work with. He always comes to the table knowing exactly what he’s looking for in his next employee – I’m always excited to work with him because I’ll receive a complete job description that is specific and easy to communicate with perspective talent. He’s fun, insightful and has great management skills. All of our talent love working on Austin’s Team.

DBT S., Recruiting Manager (AQUENT, Robert Half)

He’s one of those rare individuals that brings their ‘A game’ not only to their core competencies, but also to the project and all of the administrative aspects of creative projects. Much of my job is spent planning, tracking, reporting, and resolving escalations. In any one of those instances my job is cut in half, if Austin is on the project. He is client focused, solution oriented, and has an amazing attitude as well.

Donna G., Design Program Manager (Google, Apple, Dropbox)

There are designers and then there are Designers – as in, the receptive, visionary and take charge kind that all project teams hope get assigned to them. Austin Hastings epitomizes that second bucket: no nonsense, no ego, all passion for creating the “right” user experience. It was always a treat working with Austin at Bank of America where, as the user researcher, I benefited firsthand from his cross-disciplinary skills as both interaction and visual designer, and his openness to any critique or different perspective. I’ll never forget the round of testing where he was present for every session and worked tirelessly to incorporate user input for a cutting edge mobile banking project. Austin absolutely “gets” user-centered design. His vast knowledge of design trends ensures that whatever project he takes part in will benefit from industry best practices alongside his genuine collegiality that makes him an absolute pleasure to work with.

Lisa H., User Researcher (Uber, Cisco, Ancestry, Xerox PARC)
Jamie Lloyd

As a designer, he has impeccable attention to detail. As a Director he is an awesome mentor and team leader. I hope to work with him again in the future.

Jamie L, Engineering Manager (The Walt Disney Company)

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